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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Travertine Pavers

Durability and Longevity

Travertine pavers are known for their exceptional durability, making them an ideal choice for Houston’s varied climate. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, resist wear and tear, and maintain their beauty for years, making them a cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial properties.

Image of Aesthetic Appeal of Travertine Pavers In Houston

Aesthetic Appeal

Travertine has a timeless, natural beauty that can enhance the look of any property. Its unique patterns and range of colors complement various architectural styles, adding elegance and sophistication to outdoor spaces in Houston.

Heat Resistance

In Houston’s hot and humid climate, travertine’s natural ability to stay cool to the touch is a significant advantage. This feature makes travertine pavers a comfortable and practical choice for outdoor areas like patios, pool decks, and walkways.

Image of Heat Resistance of Travertine Pavers In Houston
Image of Eco Friendly Options For Travertine Pavers in Houston

Eco-Friendly Option

Travertine is a naturally occurring stone, making it an environmentally friendly choice. For customers in Houston who are conscious about their environmental impact, using travertine pavers is a way to combine sustainability with style.

Increase in Property Value

Installing premium quality travertine pavers can significantly boost the value of a property. Their durability, beauty, and timeless appeal make them a sought-after feature for potential buyers, ensuring a good return on investment for property owners in Houston.

Image of Increase in Property Value With Use of Travertine Pavers In Houston

Our Residential Travertine Pavers For Houston

Classic Travertine Pavers

Perfect for Houston’s diverse home styles, Classic Travertine Pavers offer a timeless beige and cream palette, ideal for creating elegant, sun-kissed patios and walkways that stay cool underfoot.

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Silver Travertine Pavers

These pavers bring a contemporary flair with their striking silver and gray tones, complementing the modern architecture prevalent in Houston. They’re perfect for chic outdoor living areas and pool surrounds.

Noce Travertine Pavers

Noce Travertine Pavers, with their deep walnut hue, provide a luxurious and durable option for Houston’s upscale residences, enhancing outdoor kitchens, and sophisticated garden paths.

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Tuscany Travertine Pavers

Echoing the natural beauty of Houston’s landscapes, Tuscany Travertine Pavers, with their rustic, earthy tones, are ideal for creating inviting outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

Our Commercial Travertine Pavers For Houston

Vein-Cut Travertine Pavers

Their modern, linear pattern makes Vein-Cut Travertine Pavers a great fit for Houston’s commercial settings, offering a sleek look for high-traffic areas like public plazas and corporate walkways.

Ivory Travertine Pavers

The soft ivory and light beige of these pavers provide a bright, clean appearance, perfect for the sunlit spaces of Houston’s commercial districts, from hotel courtyards to shopping center walkways.

Scabos Travertine Pavers

With a dynamic blend of colors, Scabos Travertine Pavers add a bold, artistic touch, suitable for making a statement in Houston’s vibrant commercial landscapes like outdoor cafes and boutique storefronts.

Autumn Blend Travertine Pavers

Their warm, inviting hues make Autumn Blend Travertine Pavers a versatile choice for Houston’s diverse commercial environments, from outdoor dining areas to upscale business entrances.

Why Choose Us

Local Expertise in Houston Area

As a Houston-based business, we bring extensive local knowledge, understanding Houston’s unique climate and design trends. This expertise ensures we provide travertine pavers perfect for Houston’s distinct environment and architectural styles.

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Image of Premium Quality Travertine Paver Supplies in Houston

Premium Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is unmatched in the Houston market. We source the finest travertine pavers, ensuring they meet rigorous standards of durability and aesthetic appeal, perfect for Houston’s diverse landscape and architecture.

Customization and Variety

Understanding the varied tastes of Houston’s homeowners and contractors, we offer a wide selection of travertine pavers. Our range includes various styles, textures, and sizes, all customizable to fit the specific needs of Houston’s dynamic projects.

Customization of Travertine Pavers in Houston
Image of Competitive Pricing and Value of Travertine Pavers in Houston

Competitive Pricing and Value

We pride ourselves on offering the best value in the Houston area. Our competitive pricing for premium travertine pavers means Houston residents can enjoy high-quality products without overextending their budget.

Exceptional Customer Service and Support

Dedicated to serving the Houston community, our customer service is top-notch. We provide end-to-end support, from design consultation to after-sale service, ensuring a seamless experience for every Houston-based customer.

Image of Premium Customer Service by Travertine Paver Suppliers in Houston

About Us

10+ years of experience in supplying premium Travertine Pavers

Hello 👋 I am Rick. Through our parent company Texas Travertine, we specialize in supplying premium quality Turkish travertine pavers to the contractors and residents of Houston. Our travertine selection is perfect for enhancing patios, pools, and walkways. We offer expert advice, local insights, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Elevate your outdoor space with our elegant, durable pavers.

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What People Say About Our Travertine

I have been working with Texas Travertine for 5 years now and there isn’t any better product on the market or a better team to work with period! They are top notch A+++ operators with awesome customer service! Great Job Guys!!! 

Dave Gardner

Great prices and an awesome product. We initially wanted the silver travertine but the entire lot was sold before I could get my 500sqft. Texas Travertine knew we needed this for our house remodel and gave me an excellent price on the Tuscany blend travertine. They went above and beyond to make sure I got a great deal and had it shipped to my house in California. 

Jeff DePetro.

We searched for 4 months for stone flooring for our 45 year old French Country Home in Corpus. We shopped flooring/pricing from Atlanta to Texas & were fortunate to find Texas Travertine. Their assistance & expertise in travertine color selection “sealed the deal.” They sent us numerous photos for review. Their knowledgeable suggestions & pricing eased our final decision. Without doubt I have found “my go to stone guy” forever.

Rocky Delano

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Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive are travertine pavers in the Houston market?

In general, the price of travertine pavers in Houston has been on the rise in recent years.

This is due to a number of factors, including increased demand for travertine pavers, rising costs of raw materials, and increased transportation costs.

According to a recent study by HomeAdvisor, the average cost of travertine pavers in Houston is $4.50 per square foot.

This is higher than the national average of $4.00 per square foot.

The price of travertine pavers in Houston has also been affected by the recent hurricanes that have hit the Gulf Coast.

These hurricanes have caused damage to travertine quarries and transportation infrastructure, which has driven up the cost of the stone.

Despite the rising prices, travertine pavers remain a popular choice for homeowners in Houston. This is because they are a durable and beautiful product that can add value to a home.

Here is a graph showing the average cost of travertine pavers in Houston for the past five years:

Image of a Chart Showing Travertine Prices in Houston

Do review our in-depth cost-benefit analysis of investing in travertine pavers.

How expensive are travertine pavers in the Houston market?

The average cost to seal travertine pavers in Houston is $400.

Some homeowners may pay as little as $300, while others may pay up to $550.

The final cost of sealing your travertine pavers will depend on the size of the area being sealed, the type of sealant used, and the labor costs of the contractor.

Here is a breakdown of the average cost to seal travertine pavers in Houston:

  • Cost of sealant: $200-$300
  • Labor costs: $200-$250

Given Houston’s climate and weather conditions, how durable and resilient are travertine pavers?

In Houston’s varied climate, travertine pavers offer excellent durability, effectively withstanding heat and occasional freezes. 

Their natural porosity handles humidity well, though sealing is advised for longevity. 

Regular maintenance ensures these pavers resist wear and tear in Houston’s weather conditions.

How thick are Travertine Pavers?

The travertine pavers are generally 1.25” thick which also is an industry standard. However, we also accept custom orders for thicker travertine pavers.

Why should I use Travertine Pavers vs. other paving materials?

Travertine Pavers are preferred for their non-slip surface, cool touch, and longevity compared to other materials like brick or concrete pavers.

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